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Maria Elisabetta Borriello
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Maria Elisabetta Borriello

Meet Maria Elisabetta Borriello

Design-det-selv – sammen

Design-det-selv – sammen
Brug-og-smid-væk skal afløses af design-selv. Det mener tekstildesigner Maria Elisabetta Borriello, der vil inspirere almindelige forbrugere til at blive skabere og samtidig holde gamle kunsthåndværkstraditioner i live. Som designer fungerer hun som facilitator ved at afholde workshops og tilbyde en ’værktøjskasse’ med materialer og idéer til, hvordan man sammen kan omskabe materialer, der er smidt ud, til smukke nye ting. Idéen er, at tidskrævende kunsthåndværk aktiverer os som mere end blot forbrugere og lærer os, at kvalitet tager tid.

Design-it-yourself – Jointly
The use-and-discard culture must be replaced by design-it-yourself, says textile designer Maria Elisabetta Borriello, who wants to inspire ordinary consumers to become creators while at the same time keeping old craft traditions alive. As a designer she works as a facilitator by conducting workshops and offering a ‘toolbox’ of materials and ideas for how people jointly can transform discarded materials into beautiful new things. The idea is that time-consuming crafts activate us as more than just consumers and teach us that quality takes time.

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