Bachelor's Degree Programme


6 semesters
Place of study
Design School Kolding
Application deadline
15 March at 12 noon via KOT
Entrance examination
Language of instruction

Bachelor's degree programme

Be part of a creative and experimental environment that allows you to develop insights into design as a profession, and the skills and attitudes necessary to work in interdisciplinary and international contexts.

The bachelor programme is a three-year basic programme and it includes four study programmes: Communication Design, Industrial Design, Textile & Fashion Design, and Accessory Design.

The programme qualifies students in the fundamental professional design disciplines in terms of practice, theory and methodology.

The programme develops your ability to transform specific conditions and requirements – aesthetic, production technology-related and economic – into innovative design products. You receive a comprehensive and systematic introduction to the entire design profession, from distinguished aesthetic design to good financial sense and decisiveness.

The programme concludes with a graduation project.

Study programmes

When you apply to the bachelor programme, you must choose one of four study programmes. You can read more about the content of each programme here.

Industrielt design

Hvad kan jeg blive?

International exchange

During your studies, it is possible to pursue some of your education outside Design School Kolding, either as part of an exchange programme or together with their team at one of the school’s international outposts.

International udveksling


Do you dream of becoming a designer? Take the first step and apply for admission.

The deadline is 15 March at 12 noon via KOT (Den Koordinerede Tilmelding).

PLEASE NOTE: The language of instruction is Danish