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We #designforhope series: Noise in open offices, in restaurants, etc. affects us tremendously. Noise has inspired J… https://t.co/DbPIPJ6Jjw
1 day ago
We #designforhope series: What if we could create an army of Einsteins, Franklins and Hawkinses by letting our chil… https://t.co/NhVN0ur7Mi
3 days ago
We #designforhope series: We disseminate play research to companies and teach them to use #play as a tool for devel… https://t.co/hNZRubNQiG
5 days ago
We #designforhope series: Taking the diversity of the Nordic nature as his starting point Mikkel H. Mikkelsen has d… https://t.co/K2OZswhOA9
1 week ago

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