Design for People

LAB for Social Design

Lab for Social Design

Design School Kolding's unique competences in education, research and development within the field of design not only benefit the students but society as a whole.

The school is keen for industry, the public systems and others to experience the creative and innovative potential offered by a collaboration between a designer and a company.

Design School Kolding has therefore created a tradition of working with local, regional, national and international companies, institutions and organisations. A team of professional designers works on how design and design methods can make a difference to the world.

The Laboratory for Social Design

The Laboratory for Social Design works with and participates in projects that focus on prevention and welfare technology.

The laboratory's team of professional designers are specialists in design methods and can offer companies, institutions and organisations:

  • Identification of the users' experiences and needs.
  • Analyses and recommendations that promote the development of meaningful products and services.
  • Facilitation of workshops that qualify knowledge, new ideas and concepts.

Focus on practice

Design School Kolding rests on a three-pronged knowledge base: Research, artistic development and practice. The school works on the principle that "doing is thinking"; through specific collaborations and artistic development projects, the Laboratories generate knowledge and examples of how design contributes to the development and implementation of meaningful products, services and systems.