Workshop facilities at Design School Kolding

Design School Kolding provides a number of workshop facilities that you are able to use after receiving instructions. The workshops allow you to work with materials and manufacturing of prototypes and provide a space for you to constantly develop your talent in relation to your speciality.


The Play workshop provides a space for playful interaction and interdisciplinary co-creation that allows you to build and brainstorm using free materials, experiment, interact, contemplate and reflect. Materials sponsored by the LEGO Foundation.

Industrial Design

From sketching to prototyping. Explore physical model making as well as virtual 3D-modelling using CAD-software, and rapid prototyping possibilities such as 3D-printers and a CNC-mill. Hand tools and industrial machines for working with wood, metals, plastics, foams such as CibaTool, etc. are available. Spray-painting facilities and a well-stocked material storage.

Hacker Lab

Through a variety of experiments and workshops, you can develop and test a range of tools, techniques, equipment and software, often using a powerful open source-inspired DIY approach and collaboration across departments and the Internet. Discover and explore digital technology. Learn by doing and combine technology with design in a variety of different, creative ways.


The workshop features Juki industrial straight stitching machines and overlockers; flypress with tools for applying buttons, rivets, etc. A PC running Gerber Accumark cad/cam software, and a plotter (Graphtec CE 6000 cutting plotter) to plot and cut your patterns. Spare needles, sewing thread cones, etc. The steaming room holds four steaming iron tables and a heatpress to apply bonding materials on textile.


The workshop comprises a large inventory of yarns sourced from manufacturers around the world, giving you an excellent basis for examining and testing various types of materials. Classic Brother/Silver Reed hand-knitting machines in different gauges, a digital Jacquard knitting machine, CMS 303, and a Kettler for finishing touches are available.


The workshop comprises a large inventory of yarns sourced from manufacturers around the world and equipment that allows you to make your own yarns. Large number of looms at its disposal, from the classic analogue loom to the computer-controlled ARM loom, as well as a TC-1 Jacquard loom. A laser cutter is also available.

Shoes and Leather

The workshop comprises industrial sewing machines; a skiving machine and a splitting machine as well as a variety of tools. Materials, leather, textiles sponsored by Ecco.


Tools and a broad range of crystals in stock and the possibility to order specific stones and colours for your MA project. Crystals sponsored by Swarovski.


The workshop allows you to implement fur into your collections, projects and accessories. Tables, machines and tools dedicated to furrier work are available: stretching boards, fur-sewing machines, cold tumble-dryer and hand tools. Materials sponsored by Kopenhagen Fur. Students from the Fur Workshop will be selected for Kopenhagen Fur's new annual fashion show Imagine Talent.

Textile Print

The workshop contains a wide range of equipment and a material inventory which provides textiles and dyes with different properties for both screen and digital printing. Large section of print tables, a dye and colour blending lab, a dark room for screen print transfer, a digital printer for fabric and a heat transfer press. A laser cutter is also available.

Photo studio

The Photo Studio has everything you need for making great photos of your projects: flash, photo lamps, tripods, backgrounds, photo table (you can lend cameras etc. from the AV Dept.)

Laser Cutting

Here you can cut textiles, acrylics (PMMA), cardboard, paper, polyethylene, MDF, wood and leather

Digital print

An entire space dedicated to 3D printing.

Metal and jewellery

The workshop is planned out as a classic jewellery workshop equipped with work tables and various tools for metal, plastic, wood, horn and much more.

There is the possibility to combine digital printing and fabrication of rubber molds for wax models in the jewellery workshop - and then get these cast in metals like bronze, brass, silver and gold.


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