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LAB for Sustainability and Design

The Laboratory for Sustainability and Design

Sustainability is an important strategic focus areas for Design School Kolding resting on a three-pronged knowledge base: research, artistic development and practice.

We work on the principle that "doing is thinking". Through specific collaborations and artistic development projects, the Laboratory for Sustainability and Design generates knowledge and examples of how design contributes to the development and implementation of meaningful products, services and systems.

Sustainable Prosperity

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The Laboratory for Sustainability and Design works with small and medium-sized companies on creating sustainable growth for the future.

Does your company want to join? Contact Project Manager Liv Eskholm at +45 2612 3581 or via email

Together we can learn more about sustainbility

For 20 years Design School Kolding has been exploring how design thinking can drive sustainability forward. Our knowledge is closely linked to practice and carried by expereinces through practice and theory; a foundation of unique competences within education, development and research in design.

At Design School Kolding we strongly believe that our knowledge should benefit not only our students but also society at large. That the business community, public authorities and others should be able to experience the creative and innovative potential that a collaboration between a designer and a company holds.

We continue to build this knowledge by working with various knowledge partners, including research institutions, local governments, organisations and companies.

We are always looking for new collaborations that can challenge our shared knowledge and current approaches and allow us to accelerate and support knowledge and innovation in sustainability through strategic design approaches.

If you want to learn more or perhaps discuss a potential collaboration, please contact Anne-Mette Hummel Holm  25 44 36 91

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