Research and Development


Get new, research-based knowledge, innovative inspiration and creative input to solve specific challenges within your organisation.


Design School Kolding has, for several years, worked closely with companies and organisations – private and public – to develop products, processes and services. And with great success. The school would therefore like to open its doors to even more partners who can help raise awareness of – and not least experience – how design processes and user-centered design can make a difference in companies and organisations.


Collaborative research

Companies and organisations can enter into a research collaboration with Design School Kolding and gain access to – and help create – the latest research-based knowledge in design.

Design School Kolding is a seasoned collaborator. The school works with a variety of external partners – in its education, in its projects and in its research – with good results and experiences as a consequence.

In the field of research, there are many different forms of collaboration and funding. And they can be adapted to the specific needs of the company.

Examples of collaboration:

  • Commissioned research – The company engages one or more researchers for a specific project.
  • Co-financed research – Together with the Design School, the company enters into national or international collaborative projects, e.g. PhD projects.
  • Industrial PhD – the Industrial PhD scheme is a special subsidy programme for companies that may apply for a grant for a three-year business-oriented PhD project through the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education. The company employs an Industrial PhD student who is also enrolled at Design School Kolding.



Find out more about the opportunities for collaboration by contacting the school directly.

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