Master’s Degree

Master’s Degree Programme in Design

The Master’s Degree in Design allows for specialisation in

  • Design for Play
  • Accessory Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Textile Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Communication Design

The programme expands on the student’s Bachelor’s degree with advanced studies within the field of design as well as related areas. Successful completion of the Master’s Degree Programme enables the student to independently apply design theories and methods. A Master’s Degree in design qualifies students to participate and collaborate in artistic and scientific design development projects.

Students will specialise in one of three areas: Sustainability and design, social inclusion and design, and play and design. We believe it is within these areas that Design School Kolding is able to contribute most to the cultivation of Danish design and the solving of global challenges.

The Master’s Programme concludes with a graduation project and the student is awarded the title of Master of Design.

See brief presentations of the different design flavours that we have to offer below.


Competence profile

What are the competences of a designer from Design School Kolding? A designer from Design School Kolding has the ability to:

  • create form that is aesthetically appealing develop or identify ways of using new materials design and facilitate processes – for own use or the use of others represent the human factor in the design of technological aids
  • “be the fly on the wall” in terms of investigative observations that are transformed into a concept, product or service
  • “be the fly in the soup” in terms of involvement in/observation of others’ work processes, e.g. insights from a ward round which are translated into design
  • sustain the ability to wonder, preferably together with others, and ask the off-the-wall, weird, obvious questions that can lead to new insights
  • create sensory experiences that speak to more than the rational mind
  • create socially inclusive products and environments
  • create processes that include and engage – across traditional professional boundaries.

Master’s Programme in Design Management

A unique educational opportunity for design students and Bachelor students from the Humanities and Social Sciences.

The University of Southern Denmark offers a Master’s Programme in Design Management in collaboration with Design School Kolding. The programme accepts both design students and university students with a qualifying Bachelor’s degree.

With this initiative, the two educational institutions tap into a unique design competence cluster in Kolding. The programme enables students to develop cross-disciplinary competences in the creative, communicative, economic and organisational aspects of design development in industry businesses and organisations.

During the two-year Master's Programme, students acquire cross-disciplinary competences to manage the creative, communicative, economic and organisational aspects of design development in industry businesses and organisations. Students learn to integrate competences from the areas of design, social science and the humanities. The Master’s Programme in Design Management combines knowledge within the following main areas:

  • Idea development, concept formation and process management in relation to design 
  • Business economic management tools and management theory related to the design and organisation of design – from concept to commercialisation 
  • Strategic communication planning and cultural analysis in relation to design.

Competence profiles
The Master’s Programme in Design qualifies students for three competence profiles:

  • The design producer, who works with the development of concepts and concrete design 
  • The design manager, who combines management aspects with creative and innovative projects 
  • The design communicator, who works with concepts, communication and research combined with design development