Master’s Degree





Duration of studies
4 semesters (full-time study) or 8 semesters (Professional Master's) / 120 ECTS
Design School Kolding
Application deadline
1 March
Entrance examination
Semester start
Tuition fee
€ 13.000 per study year for non-EU citizens

Master’s Degree Programme in Design

The Master’s Degree programme in Design at Design School Kolding supports and expands on the knowledge, competences and skills that you bring from your BA training and allows you to specialise in:

  • Design for People
  • Design for Planet
  • Design for Play

The MA programme will provide you with an in-depth and broad understanding of the methods, theories and techniques related to the design profession.
In addition to the knowledge and competences that link to the speciality you choose, we also offer professional dialogue and supervision within Industrial Design, Communication Design, Fashion Design, Textile Design and Accessory Design. And we offer excellent workshop facilities that allow you to unfold and advance your particular talents in relation to your MA speciality.

‘The Programme focuses on collaboration with the business community and wider society along with individual courses based on specific cases. Collaborations and courses have strong elements of making, engaging, and co-creating with users. This could involve clothes, games, products, user interfaces, services, physical surroundings, toys – whatever supports the playful human being, sustainable living, or a socially inclusive society.’

The Master’s Programme concludes with a graduation project and you will be awarded the title of Master of Arts in Design. A Master’s Degree in design qualifies you to participate and collaborate in artistic and scientific design development projects.

See presentations of the different design flavours that we have to offer below.


Business collaborations

Design School Kolding wants the business community, public institutions, and others to realise the creative and innovative potential that a collaboration with a designer holds. At the same time, we want to prepare you for the job market. Therefore, collaborations with companies and other external partners represent a cornerstone of the teaching, and you will easily find yourself working with real cases together with international companies such as LEGO, Ecco, Bang & Olufsen, Kopenhagen Fur and Swarowski. This allows you, even as a student, to receive international recognition and work with design that has a meaningful purpose, and makes the transition to the job market and exciting international settings much easier.
The Programme concludes with a Master project in collaboration with a private or public company or organisation of your choice.

Competence profile

What are the competences of a designer from Design School Kolding? A designer from Design School Kolding has the ability to:

  • create form that is aesthetically appealing
  • develop or identify ways of using new materials design and facilitate processes – for own use or the use of others
  • “be the fly on the wall” in terms of investigative observations that are transformed into a concept, product or service
  • “be the fly in the soup” in terms of involvement in/observation of others’ work processes, e.g. insights from a ward round which are translated into design
  • sustain the ability to wonder, preferably together with others, and ask the off-the-wall, weird, obvious questions that can lead to new insights
  • create sensory experiences that speak to more than the rational mind
  • represent the human factor in the design of technological aids
  • create processes that include and engage – across traditional professional boundaries.
  • create socially inclusive, playful and/or sustainable products, solutions and surroundings.

Career opportunities

Design processes and design methodology can make a difference in all areas of society, so with a design degree a world of opportunities awaits you. Depending on your speciality, you can choose to work with e.g. fashion, jewellery, shoes, interior or different types of visual communication, and perhaps you will be able to get a job at e.g. Ecco, LEGO or Kopenhagen Fur, which are some of Design School Kolding’s regular collaboration partners. In addition, your training gives you a variety of general competences that can also get you a job in areas that you do not usually associate with design, for instance health care, local government, etc.

Hvad kan jeg blive?

Professional Master's Degree in Design

As an alternative to studying two years full-time, Design School Kolding offers Master’s degrees as four-year part-time programmes for students in the workforce.

Students in the new graduate programmes will work while enrolled in the course. The curriculum is identical to the regular two-year Master's degree programmes in the various design disciplines but extends over four years. The new programme allows you to receive an education while working at least 25 hours a week in a company or public organisation. Thus, you will be able to continuously connect what you learn to your current work in a completely new fashion, and the business community has a better opportunity to recruit a highly qualified and, not least, specialised workforce.

Who can apply?
Individuals who meet the professional admission requirements – i.e. the admission requirements that apply to all other Master's programmes at the school.
Individuals who are employed for at least 25 hours a week, are self-employed or are entrepreneurs. Individuals, who are Danish citizens or EU/EEA-citizens or have a residence permit, that is not only given for temporary residence. Unfortunately it is not possible to obtain a residence permit for the Professional Master's Degree.

Please note, that it is not possible to receive funds from the Danish State Education Grant (SU) for the Professional Master's Degree



Master's programme in Design Management

The University of Southern Denmark offers a Master’s Programme in Design Management in collaboration with Design School Kolding.

Kandidat i designledelse



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