Sense of Sound by Natasja Lykke Jensen



Natasja Lykke Jensen
Line of study
Communication design
Project type
Graduation Project


The word 'dark' appeals to several senses. A sound can be dark, but it can also be dark outside. The impact of one sense, the sight, can elicit a sense impression in another sense, the hearing.

That knowledge can be used strategically to give customers an experience of a product bought online. Communication designer, Natasja Lykke Jensen, in collaboration with B&O PLAY, has created a visual universe of sound. For example, the sound of A9, PLAY's large home loud speaker, is dark, heavy, warm and soft, as opposed to the small mobile A1, which can best be described as light, delicate, cold and hard. B&O can use this knowledge strategically to make the customers experience a product bought online.