THE VOID by Lærke Marie Valum



Lærke Marie Valum
Line of study
Project type
Master Projekt

The Void

The collection has mainly revolved around
space in different ways.
It is a transformation of modern Japanese architecture by Tadao Ando. Materials, colours and the sense of space and shape in the buildings are given a textile feeling and moulded around the body. The void in the buildings has become wearable.

The goal of the process was also to create a new design method. A method that gives space to intuition and where the different sketching techniques are 3D and thereby naturally create space in the final pieces.

The collection is a limited collection of 19 pieces.
All made in natural materials, that span from soft, and see-trough materials to more heavy felted wool, to show both a softer and more direct translation of the architecture.
The collection range from more abstract to very simple and classic styles with clear recognizable codes. This is both to make the collection, as a whole easily readable as clothing, and to give some stillness, which will let the more abstract pieces stand out.
The detailing reflects this balance in the collection. It underlines the shapes and maintains the feeling of a shell in the wool pieces, without loosing the finish in the styles.

Fashion Show. Watch some of the collection on the catwalk at 3:25

Future of Fashion 2014. Agangsshow Designskolen Kolding

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