LIFE WITH ROBOTS by Sigurd Grelck



Sigurd Grelck
Line of study
Communication design
Project type
MA project
Foundation for Responsible Robotics


You own your robot, but who owns what your robot sees and hears? Does your new pet have an artificial intelligence? Who protects your robot from hackers?

We are on the verge of a revolution in artificial intelligence and robotics technology, but are we as human beings ready for it? Life with Robots is a series of short animated films that set the stage for debate and reflection about our future with robots. Who owns what your robot sees or hears? Does your new pet have an artificial intelligence? Who protects your robot from hackers? The films are researched and developed in collaboration with The Foundation for Responsible Robotics.

Vi står på tærsklen til en revolution i kunstig intelligens og robotteknologi, men er vi som mennesker klar til det? “Life With Robots” er en serie korte animationsfilm, der lægger op til debat og eftertanke omkring vores fremtid med robotter. Hvem ejer det, din robot ser eller hører? Kan dit nye kæledyr have kunstig intelligens? Hvem sikrer din robot imod hackere? Filmene er researchet og udviklet i samarbejde med The Foundation for Responsible Robotics.


Designer: Sigurd Grelck

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