Canadian top designer 
lectures in Kolding

The semester has been kicked off to a great start with Hunter Tura as guest lecturer. Hunter Tura is President and CEO of the internationally recognised design agency Bruce Mau Design.

Hunter Tura helped launch the course "Advanced Expertise"; a four-week course for MA Communication Design students. Two additional international design profiles are scheduled to teach as well.

The objective of the course is to expand the students' understanding of design thinking and intoduce them to new design methods.

From innovator to recreator
The Canadian design director headed a one-week programme where the students learned to move focus from being "innovators" to being "recreators". Under the headline "The Designer as Editor" the students worked with existing materials and synthesizing them to create new hybrid realities.

- Historically and traditionally designers have a mindset where they perceive themselves as "authors"; as creators of new and original content. This is not a very sustainable approach and it does not reflect the requirements and the demands that face contemporary designers, Hunter Tura explains.

Reduce and edit
In the course of the programme, Hunter Tura presented the students with four tasks - one each day. So on the first day the students only knew the first assignment: "Choose a single iconic theme which triggers both personal visual memory, but also has the possibility to create an immediate universal understanding, ergo is appealing to a larger audience".

The following three days the students were asked to:

  • Present their theme through an initial selection of 250 related and revealing pictures in book.
  • Reduce the first selection and present a second selection using max 125 pictures in a animation or slideshow of approximate 30 seconds.
  • Present a poster of only one image which represents your concept (a visual synonym)

The students worked in groups. On the final day they presented their work to each other and to Hunter Tura.

More international profiles
In addition to Hunter Tura, Pam Asselbergs from Dutch The Motor and Patrik Gebhardt from The Brand Union in Sweden will be teaching the course "Advanced Expertise".