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Eight new designers from Design School Kolding have made it to the Danish Design Award finals in the Young Talent category

How do you give an institutional setting a homely feel? How do you make the astronaut’s journey to Mars more comfortable? Can you create a fashion collection for women in wheelchairs? Can you make a private YouTube channel for kids? What are acoustic textiles? Eight new designers and five individual projects provide the answers to these questions.

More privacy for people who live together
Giulia Pesce and Ruggero Bastita are nominated for a flexible and well-executed modular system that puts people at the centre. The project is an inclusive and functional proposal for a living and sleeping space that offers the users privacy and dignity while they are between homes.

- Our project is a flexible and personal space that focuses on demarcation of space, personalisation, privacy and organsation of clothes and personal belongings, the designer duo explains.

The jury’s assessment of the project highlights the flexibility and execution of the modular system and the fact that it puts people at the centre.

Experiment or clothing collection
The jury commends Fashion Designer Mathilde Bess for addressing a difficult topic in her focus on bodies that lie outside the mainstream perception framed by a fleeting fashion perspective. Her staged haute couture presentations are provoking and spark debate and may be seen as an extension of the important genre of critical design.

- I wanted to show how you can use fashion and how fashion can be socially inclusive. In a sense I challenge the fashion industry’s perception of what constitutes a body, the designer explains.

Acoustic textiles
Focusing on creating her series of acoustic textiles, Textile Designer Kristine Boesen consistently experiments with advanced techniques in order to achieve the right tactility. The high level of craftsmanship she applies makes the technically sophisticated textiles appear as pure poetry.

- Kristine Boesen not only possesses extraordinary design skills but also the will and energy to take on new challenges, over and over again, the jury states.

Travelling to Mars
The journey from Earth to Mars lasts 221 days. That was the basic premise of Iga Slowik, Claudia Naval and Paul Lequay’s extraordinarily visionary design for NASA. They have created a sound-absorbing unit that eliminates noise and allows the astronauts to relax.

-The project, which consists of a number of technical devices, reflects a high degree of insight into astronauts’ needs. All in all a convincing and thoroughly thought-out but also playful and engaging design project, the jury says.

Kanal Privat
If you have children, who navigate the digital world on a daily basis, you might want to tell them about Kanal Privat. Using humour and a light tone, Solveig Søndergaard’s YouTube channel ‘Kanal Privat’ gains the trust of children and young people, so they dare open up and address serious topics.

- The problems that I had growing up still exist: bullying, friendships, puberty, body, sexuality and love – topics that require overview and energy, especially due to the massive presence of social media, she explains.

-Søndergaard courageously turns herself into a product and appears as a role model and friend rather than a lecturing adult. The project is inspiring in the way it uses an existing platform that is a public sphere for the target group to create a universe that appears as a safe and appealing space, the jury explains.

Award show
The award show takes place on Monday 28 May at Industriens Hus. The show begins at 16.30 and ends at 22.00

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