A broad range of accessories

Graduates from Design School Kolding’s Accessory Design programme will be showing their unique BA projects at Officinet in Cpenhagen

It will definitely be a different kind of exhibition when eight bachelors from Kolding display their designs, which range from jewellery, bags and shoes to leg prosthesis and tools for drawing. Because accessory design covers a lot – but at the core is people’s individual need to express themselves through body-related objects.

The students explain:

”This exhibition shows the range of the programme where we work with everything that related to the body. We design about something, for somebody and for something.”

Josephine Winther, Head of Programme, elaborates:

”The exhibitions represents the many aspects of our programme. What we can call conventional accessories, such as jewellery and bags, are of course a big part of what we teach. However, the starting point of the programme are objects that are linked to the human body through function, concept and aesthetics. We combine aesthetic, physiological and social reflections with technical or conceptual solutions. So the graduates will be showing a very diverse exhibition.”

Opening and student talks
The opening of the exhibition takes place Thursday 28 June at 8pm at Officinet, Bredgade 66 in Copenhagen.

On Saturday 30 June at 2pm there will be student talks where students will present their projects and their processes and give information about the programme.

In the meantime please follow the students on Instagram: @accessory.ba.dskd

The exhibition ends Saturday 7 July and it will be open every day except Monday between 12 and 4pm.