Clothes need to have a

 greater lifespan

For three years, Fashion and Textile students and Associate Professor Vibeke Riisberg from Design School Kolding have been partners in a research and educational project called Local Wisdom headed by Dr. Kate Fletcher from London College of Fashion.

The objective of the project is to develop sustainable strategies on an individually achievable level basing the design process on the everyday practice of the user when trying to create sustainable products and services which will prolong the lifespan of the clothes. The core of the project is Fletcher’s concept of ’Craft of Use’. 

The research part of the project has collected more than 500 stories about clothes and practices of use on three continents. The study has uncovered remarkable insights which have shed light on the significance of our emotional attachment as an important factor when expanding the active lifespan of the clothes. Seven international design schools have worked on interpreting the user stories in countless ways.

The results of the project are presented in an new book and were presented at a large international seminar Craft of Use in London on 24 March.

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