Thicket play

 wins new design award

Hideouts, green places to hang out and room for stands and tree-climbing are some of the key elements of the project Kratskolen (Thicket School) that won Kolding Municipality’s new design award, deSIGNE on 14 March. Alexander Muchenberger, who graduated from Design School Kolding in 2013, has worked as a consultant on the project.

Kratskolen is a whole new way of integrating indoor and outdoor spaces in schools and thus integrating space for play and learning. The project has been carried out at the school Skanderup-Hjarup Forbundsskole by a number of local players together with architects and designers. Yet, future users have also contributed significantly to the project, for instance through workshops, said Headmaster Lene Brandt as she accepted the award.

– This is also very much the children’s achievement. They have helped generate ideas for the project right from the beginning, she says to a local newspaper.

Alexander Muchenberger participates in The Tube in Milan in April with his chair project. Read more