Danish Design Award arrives in Kolding

Danish Design Award is ready for its second year, and with the award show in Kolding, it becomes part of the celebration of Design School Kolding’s 50th anniversary.

Danish Design Award is now accepting submissions for the 2017 version. The Danish Design Award celebrates companies and designers and the difference their designs make to industry and society. This year the award includes four new categories presented in collaboration with Design Week Kolding, D2i – Design to innovate and Design School Kolding.

Last year, Danish Design Award received 300 design solutions. The diversity of the solutions highlighted design’s ability to create value across society: From Yellowone Handsafe’s concept for hand desinfection in the health sector to Ege’s carpet designs made from reused water bottles and fish nets, to Coloplast’s Sensura Mio, which has generated growth and jobs.

Based on this, the people behind Danish Design Award expect the 2017 award to be just as successful. Henrik Weiglin, the Vice Director at Design denmark who organises the award together with Danish Design Center, says:

– We had the best possible start for the Danish Design Award in April of last year. The many submissions cemented the scope and the innovative power of Danish design and showed a need to celebrate the Danish solutions, which are indeed of the best international standard. We hope to have started a movement that will inspire even more people to submit thier design solutions.

In 2017, Danish Design Award will once again be presenting awards at Industriens Hus at the town hall square in Copenhagen. Yet a new dimension will be added as a special collaboration has been set up with D2i and Design Week Kolding to extend the celebrations to Kolding. The award show will thus become part of the celebration of Design School Kolding’s 50th anniversary and Kolding’s overall design effort. At the award show in Kolding, Danish Design Award will be presenting a number of awards, including four all new categories.

Danish Design Award highlights the effect of design
– With the Danish Design Award we want to gather and mobilise design players and bring designers and companies across the country together. We believe in a new Golden Age for Danish design. However, this requires us to unite across design fields to show the huge difference design can make to industry and society, says Christian Bason, Chief Executive of the Danish Design Center.

The four new categories that will be presented in Kolding are:

  • Building Markets – a design award given to a solution that has generated growth and increased turnover
  • Fostering Partnerships – a design award given to solutions that create value for citizens through new public/private partnerships
  • Improved Welfare – a design award given to solutions that strengthen the welfare capacity of society
  • Game Changer – a design award given to solutions that have radically changed the conditions or ground rules in a market, a public sector or elsewhere in society and paved the way for new types of value creation

The special awards the Young Talent and the People’s Choice will also be presented in Kolding along with the Design Council’s Annual Award. All solutions – from service design to industrial solutions or furniture/interior to graphic design or digital solutions – can be submitted if shown to have the effect stated in the category descriptions.

See award categories and category descriptions at Danish Design Award