Design future: New bio material

Inside Design School Kolding’s creative workshops materials literally grow. The recipe is plant fibre and mycelium

Using materials in art, design and architecture is a dynamic process. Designers no longer have unlimited access to cotton, wool, silk, polyester, etc. and in recent years textile designers have worked with architects and engineers to create materials with entirely new dimensions. Design School Kolding students are now exploring these dimensions.

Inspired by a talk by Designer Jonas Edvard, who has just studied bio materials with ”The Terroir Project”, the students have grown materials using mycelium fungi. Plant fibre and mycelium fungi grow into one soft and flexible material, and after 2 to 3 weeks the students can harvest the healthy Oyster fungi.

The excess material is the plant fibre construction and the mycelium fungi roots which “glue” the fibres together. Finally, the construction is dried and is both organic, suitable for compost and sustainable.

The project enables students to play with form and consider the potential of the piece of sustainable bio textile for fashion and interior design purposes.