Design for People, Planet and Play

In the next academic year Design School Kolding will offer a Master’s Degree which integrates the classic design professionalism with cross-disciplinary specialisations in the fields of social inclusion, sustainability and play

As of September 2018 Design School Kolding will launch a new Master’s Programme which will let prospective students choose between three specialisations in ’Design for People’, ’Design for Planet’ or ’Design for Play’.

"We want to educate designers who know how to bring their professionalism into play in a societal context. People, Planet and Play are topics to which we are already dedicating a lot of effort in our teaching as well as in our research and development work," says Eva Kappel, Head of Education at Design School Kolding.

But the professionalism will certainly not be left by the wayside. Students must continue to express their preference for one of the five professional clusters they want to focus on: Fashion Design, Textile Design, Industrial Design, Communication Design or Accessory Design. However, there won’t be any clearly delineated boundaries between the three specialisations – rather, there will be a focus on cross-disciplinary courses.

The three specialisations
In collaboration with the LEGO Foundation and the LEGO Group, Design School Kolding recently established the world's first two-year Master's Programme in Design for Play. Play reinforces creativity and innovation, and the education will produce a new generation of highly specialised designers who can assist companies and organisations with business development and also help them achieve their aim of supporting customers, users and employees in becoming creative and engaged life-long learners.

Design for People focuses on design as the link that can create the framework for meaningful interaction between people; between people and technology and between people and society. The user-oriented design approach enables students to create new products, services and systems that provide financial profits, improve interaction between people, and create the basis for meaningful social relations.

The specialisation Design for Planet teaches sustainability as a crucial mind-set when working as a designer. It allows the designer to create new and relevant products and services that are meaningful to the users as well as new types of business development within, for example, a circular economy and a sharing economy. Students will also work on developing and facilitating sustainable strategies in existing companies and productions.

Designers with broad and in-depth knowledge
"The new structure will enable us, to an even larger extent, to educate designers with in-depth professional knowledge and broad skills who can collaborate across disciplines – designers with a distinctive profile who can challenge companies’ and public institutions’ perception of the world and, through mutual collaboration, create new, exciting solutions," explains Eva Kappel.

Open house
The Design School will hold an Open House on Saturday, February 3 from 10 to 16 offering an opportunity to experience the school from inside, meet students and teachers and learn about admission criteria to the Master's Programme.

Information about the Master's Programme will be presented at 11.15 and 13.15 – both sessions will be held in Auditorium 0.2.

Duration of the programme: Four semesters (120 ECTS)
Admission requirements: Bachelor or comparable degree
Application deadline: 1 May, 2018 at 12.00
Entrance examination: Yes
Semester start: September, 2018
Title after graduation: Master of Arts in Design

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