Jesper Kongshaug honoured

Affiliate professor at Design School Kolding Jesper Kongshaug receives the GE Edison Award for his project 'Northern Lights'.

Jesper Kongshaug received the 'GE Edison Award - Special Citation for Best Creative Lighting' at a ceremony at the American National History Museum in New York. It is awarded to him for his fantastic lighting design in connection with the Nordic Cool festival at the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington in 2013.

Jesper Kongshaug wrapped the 1860 ft. marble façade in deep blue colored lights along with 10 laser beams manipulated through digitally controlled rotating custom designed glass to recreate the mesmerizing illusion of the famed aurora borealis.

"House of Cards" now features the lighting in the beginning of all 2nd and 3rd season episodes.

Congratulations to Jesper Kongshaug.

About Jesper Kongshaug
Jesper Kongshaug has worked internationally with lighting design, lighting technology and set design, architecture and urban development since 1990. He is one of Denmark's leading and most versatile lighting designers and is widely recognised for his work.

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