Meet Marie

Let your passion shine through. This is one of Marie Mikkelsen’s tips for new applicants

A year ago Marie Mikkelsen was an applicant herself and was accepted at Design School Kolding’s Accessory Design programme.

Marie Mikkelsen tells about her way into Design School Kolding:

What made you want to study design?
I have to admit it was all a bit confusing. I’m a trained goldsmith and thought I was going to start a programme at the Department for Noble Metals but the programme was closed when the Accessory Design programme was established here at Design School Kolding. Although the final decision to move to Kolding was quite hard, I knew that I had to do it. I was not satisfied just knowing my own craft; I wanted new inspiration and wanted to try new materials and ways of thinking in order to discover my identity as a designer.

What were your qualifications?
I’m a trained goldsmith and have also attended a folk high school.

What do you like about Design School Kolding?
It’s very easy to fit in. There is room for crazy ideas; in fact people here embrace them and give you the tools to explore them. You get to be creative and you are surrounded by other creative people, and although we study different design programmes, there is a great sense of community and teamwork.

What is your best tip for those who want to apply to Design School Kolding?
Show your personality, let your passion shine through and don’t be afraid to stand out.