Parasite attack on Henrik Vibskov

Jackets and trousers by renowned, Danish clothing designer have been cross-infected and reinterpreted by Design School Kolding students.

The host is a jacket or a pair of trousers designed by Henrik Vibskov.
The parasites are first-year students at Design School Kolding.
The result is a series of unique parasite designs; a new and overlooked design field, which Design School Kolding has taken up.

What is parasite design?
- With their ”parasites” the student designs must focus on message, location, social context, function, and the every-day. These elements must melt into a single expression, Morten Cramer Buch explains. He is responsible for organising and teaching the course.

Generally, parasites are smaller than their host and usually they don’t kill their host. Yet, they might; especially when the parasite reproduces by jumping from one host species to another. The method is called parasite design – a design which attaches itself to an existing design.

Exhibition at Design School Kolding
You can currently experience how parasite design behaves in collections by Henrik Vibskov by visiting the exhibition in the lobby at Design School Kolding. Jackets and trousers originally designed to cover bodies are now covered by parasites feeding off their host.

The exhibition is open until end May 2014.