Research with a purpose

Design School Kolding is ready with a new, substantial publication that shows the direction of the school's research; a direction which involves creating sustainable futures.

Since Design School Kolding started focusing on research in the early 2000's and received accreditation as research institution in 2010, a lot has happened - with design research in general and with the school's research activities. Not least has a common language evolved that allows us to discuss the significance of design and design research. The publication ”Design as an Enabler for Sustainable Solutions - Revitalising Democracy, Community and Industry” helps cement this development.

Editor in Chief of the publication is Irene Alma Lønne who is Head of Research at Design School Kolding.

She says: -The publication outlines the current state of our research. The school's strategy of developing research in close interplay with education, practice and the surrounding society is beginning to show a number of results. For instance, we now have a design education with a higher level of knowledge and reflection. It's very much "applied research" with specific possibilities of implementation, and this generates more knowledge about the potential of design and creates value among our collaborating partners and stakeholders.

The scope of Design School Kolding's research is large but a recurring theme is the creation of sustainable futures from an economic and ecologic perspective but also a cultural and political one. For instance, one research projects offers suggestions for how to include users in the decision process regarding their treatment and what inclusion and democracy mean in a hospital context. Another research project investigates the consumption of clothes. Can we influence user behaviour by creating better and more durable textiles and designs along with a more sustainable consumption culture?