A home is a home is a home

What makes a home your home?

In the 21st century, home has become hybrid, mobile, and global. Many people have a home that is constantly in motion. Today’s digitally impregnated lifestyle has been influencing us to be present anywhere and everywhere. So, where do we feel at home? Design School Kolding presents ‘A home is a home is a home’ at MILAN DESIGN WEEK 2019.

Through collecting stories about personal belongings from people whose lives are nomadic or uprooted many times, we seek to investigate how ‘mobile’ objects are helping people to make a place a home. On the basis of workshops conducted by jewellery artist Yuka Oyama, students from Design School Kolding have designed three sculptures and accessories that interpret the stories of three selected people.

The exhibition creates a scene where you can be both the actor and the beholder simultaneously. It unfolds how objects that belong to us not only have a functional value, but remind us who we are and provide feelings of security. In a time where scarce resources and climate crisis demands both innovation and green awareness, the exhibition demonstrates how a study into emotional value that is enshrined in objects can be used to develop meaningful design.

Design School Kolding encourages students to undertake thorough fieldwork at the early stage of a design process. Not only to further their insights into human needs and relationships but also to figure out what it takes to ensure the value and longevity of their designs.


Ventura Future, Via Tortona 54, Milan

9. - 14th. April 2019

Open every day from 10am to 8pm except Sunday where the exhibition closes at 6pm. Wednesday open until 10pm

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Milan Design Week

Design School Kolding has been a part of Milan Design Week since 2012. The first few years with an exhibition concept concisting of 7 containers furnished by newly qualified designers. The last few years the spotlight has been shining on sustainability and play with the creation of a classical super market filled with spins of known products, constructed an produced of waste from local companies. The exhibition 'Super Supermarket' was nominated for a Milan Design Award and chosen as a "must-see" ny the the organizers.  

Last year visitors could experience 'The Play' - a sense exhibition with the focus on play and creativity. The exhibition was a part of Design School Kolding's promotion of the World's first play education 'Design for Play'. 'The Play' was shorlistet for a Milan Design Award.