Celebrating the value of Danish Design

The Rector of Design School Kolding is on the jury for Denmark’s revitalised design award, Danish Design Award

Danish Design Award has been revitalised thanks to a collaboration between the Danish Design Centre and Design Denmark, counting 800 members from design agencies, one-man businesses and personal members. The Rector of Design School Kolding, Elsebeth Gerner Nielsen, will help assess the submissions for the new Danish Design Award.

– This is a really strong team. We are happy to introduce a jury with solid business experience and design competences that match the categories and the assessment criteria of the award. The purpose of the Danish Design Award is to show the value and effect of contemporary Danish Design and motivate companies and the society at large to apply design. This makes it even more pleasing that we have such a broad jury representing various types of design areas, educations, foundations, and businesses, says Chairman of the Jury Jesper von Wieding.

Special talent award
Each of the jury members has accepted the role of ambassador for one of the 11 categories and three special awards that has a special relation to their field of profession. Therefore, Elsebeth Gerner Nielsen will act as ambassador for the Young Talent Special Award.

Contrary to previous Danish design awards, the Danish Design Award focuses on the value and effect of design. Anyone who has produced a design project or design product that has proven to make a difference in a company, in society or on an individual level can enter the competition. This means that all private and public companies and all designers can enter. Danish companies that have worked with a foreign designer, and Danish designers that have worked with a foreign company can also enter.

The submitted products and design solutions must meet the following criteria:

  • All of the parties involved in the product or the solution must consent to the entry.
  • All products or design solutions must be completed and in production or use at the time of the entry.
  • Products or design solutions that have been in the market or in use for over 4 years at the time of registration cannot enter.

Important dates
Registration: Deadline for registration is 10 February 2016 at 12 midnight.
Nomination: Deadline for nominating others is 1 February 2016 at 12 midnight.
Nominees will be announced on 14 March 2016.
Election of winners and Award Show on 7 April 2016.

Danish Design Award 2016 Jury

  • Claus Skytte (writer, lecturer, creative strategist, and co-founder of Resecond) / ambassador for the award category Shared Resources
  • David Carlson (senior design strategist and consultant (creative management) at IKEA of Sweden / founder of the David Carlson Agency
  • David Report, Designboost and David Design) / ambassador for the Icon Special Award
  • David Asmussen (creative director, HK JWT)/ ambassador for the Message Received Special Award
  • Elsebeth Gerner Nielsen (rector, Design School Kolding) / ambassador for the ambassadør for Young Talent Special Award
  • Henrik Jeppesen (CEO and co-founder, Attention) / ambassador for the award category Daily Life
  • Jesper K. Thomsen (designer and owner, Studio Jesper K. Thomsen / director and partner, DoseSystems) / ambassador for the price category Healthy Life
  • Jakob Wagner (designer and owner, Jakob Wagner Studio) / ambassador for the award category Feel Good
  • Kigge Hvid (CEO and co-founder, Index: Design to Improve Life) / ambassador for the award category Better Learning
  • Lars Thøgersen (CEO and founder, CPH Inventures) / ambassador for the award category Save Money 
  • Pil Bredahl (director and owner, Pil Bredahl Design) / ambassador for the award category Clean World 
  • Peter Bruun (head of communications, Vækstfonden) / ambassador for the award category Employment Growth 
  • Richard Hsu (co-founder and creative director, Pan-Asia Network / curator and creative director, TEDx Shanghai and TEDx Senior Ambassador to China) / ambassador for the Visionary Concepts Special Award
  • Simona Maschi (head of programme, co-founder and CEO, CIID) / ambassador for the award category Outstanding Service
  • Simon Skafdrup (CEO and partner, 3PART) / ambassador for the award category Better Work

Jury Chairmanship (with no right to vote):

  • Jesper von Wieding, (Jury Chairman) Design Denmark, 3X
  • Susanne Schenstrøm, Danish Design Centre
  • Tim Larcombe, Design Denmark, Intent

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