Design students show tomorrow’s tech clothes

Design School Kolding talents present their take on sustainable fashion design during Copenhagen Fashion Week

Technology and sustainability are increasingly incorporated into the newest collections by the most visionary bands in the industry who are finally rising to the challenge of creating a greener fashion industry. These years are also showing the beginning of a new, sustainable future within the fashion industry’s growth segments that requires innovative thinking in terms of materials, business models. Design approaches, customer awareness and aesthetics.

With design researcher Else Skjold as new fashion group manager of the Lifestyle and Design Cluster, a new show window, "Fashion Tech", is being launched for students at VIA, KEA, KADK and DSKD. This year the event will be held at the Geological Museum.

- It’s important that we communicate the skills that we teach our students so they can help build a fashion industry that is more sustainable. So instead of the traditional fashion show format, we have decided to curate an exhibition that allows the audience to delve into solutions, materials and expressions which give them a glimpse of the future that awaits, Else Skjold explains.

At “Fashion Tech" four design schools, including Design School Kolding, match upcoming design talents with distinguished Danish fashion companies in a talent programme that focuses on new technologies within smart textiles, tech-design and sustainability.

Together with the companies, the talents have designed innovative garments that will be on display. The fashion companies are Gudrun & Gudrun, Echte, Gabba, Blanche and Tobias Birk Nielsen in collaboration with Lightricity. At ”Fashion’s Sustainable Growth Segment” each of the four schools have chosen three talents that will present their take on future sustainable fashion design.

This does not just include technological and material-based solutions but also all-new ways of producing, selling and consuming clothes.

World-famous professor will open the exhibition
British Professor Kate Fletcher will be there to open the exhibition. She is one of the most visionary profiles in the field and known for initiating the ‘Union of Concerned Researchers in Fashion’. She has also published a series of publications on the subject of sustainable fashion. With reference to the ‘Fashioned From Nature’ exhibition at the event venue, her speech will offer perspectives from the new anthology ‘Design and Nature’, which will be published by Routlede in the fall of 2019.

VIP opening: Monday 5 August 2019 at 3 PM (by invitation only)

Exhibition period: 6 – 8 August 10 AM – 5 PM (open to the public)

Place: The Geological Museum, Øster Voldgade 5 - 7, 1350 Copenhagen

The designers will be present on 5 August along with the companies to share insights on their work.

For more information, please contact Betina Simonsen, Director of Lifestyle & Design Cluster.
Cell: +45 29 36 00 90 or



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