While we wait for Obama

Two Design School Kolding students will be present when Barack Obama visits Kolding on Friday. We asked them about their thoughts as the big day approaches.

Mira Lange Hansen (21) from Communications Design and Dominika Majewska (24) from Industrial Design will be representing Design School Kolding's students when former president Barack Obama visits Kolding on Friday. They have received an invitation from Kolding Municipality that makes them part of the event at the University of Southern Denmark - just a stone's throw from Design School Kolding.

What do you expect from meeting Barack Obama?
Dominika: I expect he will give a speech that inspires people to pursue their dreams, just as he ran his presidential campaign. I also expect him to talk about the consumer crisis that we're facing and how we can make the world a better place if we work together.

Mira: I expect the meeting to be a really exciting experience - and inspiring in many ways. Especially because he is such a skilled speaker who appears to be down to earth regardless of the fact that he is former president of the United States. I expect him to be present, smiling and calm.

What do you look forward to the most?
Dominika: I look forward to experiencing Obama and his charismatic and humorous personality.

Mira: What I especially look forward to is the whole experience of being there. To feel his energy and presence as a human being and not just seeing him on a screen or in a newspaper. Listening to him and being present in the room I think is going to be very exciting.

Do you see any similarities between what Obama stands for and Design School Kolding's values?
Dominika: Yes, especially when it comes to sustainability, which was really a focal area for him during his presidency.

Mira: Yes. A number of Design School Kolding's agendas match what Obama stands for, including sustainability, social inclusion and of course hope. Being optimistic, dealing with the unexpected and having the courage to make things happen is something that I encounter every day at Design School Kolding and something that he communicates as well.

If you get the chance to ask Obama a question, what will it be? 
Dominika: What was your best day in office?

Mira: I would ask him about the way he creates understanding and hope among people and nations. He has more experience than most people on how you unite people, including USA, and says that you can make any change that you set your mind to. My question would be: How can we learn to understand one another globally and collect courage to face the climate changes and respond to them?"

On Friday morning, Mira and Dominika will share their experiences live via Design School Kolding's Instagram profile using the hashtag #designforhope.