Green fashion brightens up the Culture Night

The Danish Ministry of the Environment will frame Design School Kolding's exhibition on sustainable fashion at the Culture Night in Copenhagen on Friday 10 October.

Under the headline Sustainable Futures Design School Kolding is pleased to present an exhibition on sustainable fashion at the Danish Ministry of the Environment.

In order to find a new, balanced way of producing and consuming clothes we need to go back to a time when fashion was not jsut about endless rows of new looks but about good fit and durable design. Three new designers from Design School Kolding, Aja Skyum, Line Rosenlund Jensen and Emilia Weir, have explored this. At the Culture Night they will show elements of their graduation project and talk about their designs.

The exhibition also presents Design School Kolding's research project, Design for Change, which is based on user studies. How can designers learn to producere in step with the routines and practices of consumers and so contribute to a more balanced and sustainable fashion industry? Post.doc. and fashion researcher Else Skjold will present her suggestions at the event.

See Design School Kolding's exhibition at the Culture Night 2014 at the Danish Ministry of the Environment, Børsgade 4,1200 Copenhagen K.
Open 18.00-22.30.