A seat in the city of cities

Design School Kolding's Rector has been awarded a seat on the board of The Danish Student House in Paris.

Elsebeth Gerner Nielsen has had a rendezvous with the city of cities and the two have decided to extend their relationship as Design School Kolding's Rector has been awarded a seat on the board of one of The Danish Student House in Paris; a Danish-French institution with proud traditions.

If students wish to enter an exchange programme with one of the four Paris design school's which Design School Kolding collaborates with, The Danish Student House is clearly a place for students to apply for accommodation. The Danish Princess Marie is a patron of the house which has functioned as a dormitory for Danish and international students since 1929 in the cosmopolitan student setting La Cité. La Cité is located in the centre of Paris in a park area and is one of the most vibrant and inspirational student settings in the world.

For more information, please contact International Cooridnator Anette Flinck at af@dskd.dk

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