Danish horesepower in the making

Design School Kolding is working on a new Danish sports car

Design School Kolding and House of Composites have teamed up and are designing a new sports car. Right now, three Industrial Design students are working on the sketches for what will later become the Agile SC122 – a snappy little thing with a 3,5 litre V6 Toyota engine and almost 450 horsepower.

For more than a decade, the man with the idea, Tim M. Hansen from House of Composites, has produced carbon fibre components for Le Mans and Formula 1 cars. This has inspired him to want to design his own sports car; a car that appeals to everyone.

- This is a sports car that normal people would be able to afford, Tim M. Hansen says.

Denmark does not have a tradition for making sports cars so the students receive qualified guidance from Peter Barker, who is Head of the Industrial Design department, and has more than 20 years of experience in designing cars. However, the lack of tradition is no obstacle.

- In Denmark we design without the benefit of knowing a lot about car design. This is a good thing, because it allows us to start from scratch without the burden of history weighing us down, Peter Barker explains.

If things work out according to plan, the car will be ready to race in 2016.

Follow the link and check out the TV broadcast (available in Danish).