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About the Continuing Education

From 2014, Design School Kolding will be offering training in design thinking and related fields. Initially, we will be offering post graduate training and courses in three areas with a focus on different target groups:

  • Qualified, experienced designers who wish to increase their knowledge in the field of design and related fields.
  • Teachers and facilitators who need to learn how to teach and disseminate design to others.
  • People who work with innovation, who would like to use design thinking more consciously and get hands-on training in design techniques to strengthen their innovation skills.

When you get your continuing education at Design School Kolding, you can be sure that the teaching is based on many years' experience in communicating design thinking, and that you will be at the receiving end of both theoretical and practical learning, which will allow you to go home and use what you have learned directly in your own everyday life.

Our programmes and courses are based on a number of principles and experience, which are also the backbone of Design School Kolding's other activities:

  • theory and practice go hand in hand
  • our theoretical knowledge is based on proven design research
  • you get practical training in the use of specific design tools
  • you get training materials that can help you apply your knowledge on your return home
  • the tutors have many years' experience of teaching design
  • we use Design School Kolding's inspiring facilities
  • the teaching is integrated into Design School Kolding's creative environment


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