Simplicity and Functionality. Creating More Personal and Soulful Everyday Objects

Design is humanism to me. When I design something I don’t start by thinking about the object itself, rather I think about the relationship that will be created between that object and its user from a more emotional perspective.

It’s not the palpable, but the intangible relationships between people, objects and their context and the variables that take part in these associations that interest me the most. I believe in a holistic and humanistic essence of good design, as an active and stimulating phenomenon of interaction between people and the physical environment.

I see myself as a storyteller. I conceive of the object as a form of expression and aim to explore its full narrative potential on different levels. My designs are the language of an intention, an idea that wants to be transmitted beyond the object’s functionality in order to provoke emotions and move people. I am detail focused and craftsmanship driven, yet I try to challenge the endless possibilities of the industry and further explore the natural potential of materials and their limits.

I come from Madrid, Spain, where I underwent a 6-year education in architecture. As part of my studies I took some elective courses in furniture design, and that is when I discovered my true passion. After finishing the degree and gaining some professional experience working as an architect for one year, I decided to move to Denmark to pursue a Master’s degree in Industrial Design, building on the Danish know-how in the field. Design School Kolding was an extraordinary place to be. It is a great school that provides the precise space, attention and resources – within a highly dynamic and inspiring environment – to incubate creative, professional, skilled designers.

After several years working in different architecture and design offices in Spain, Paris, Sweden and Denmark, I am currently based in Copenhagen, where I founded my own design studio in 2016. I work in the fields of furniture, lighting and home accessories design, trying to provide people with exciting, meaningful and honest everyday experiences.

My work is very instinctive and personal. I am highly influenced by architecture, art and tradition, which I try to distil into objects with character and soul. Simplicity and functionality are principal in my designs, but at the same time I employ irony as a tool, challenging preconceptions and seeking unforeseen contrasts.

I graduated from Design School Kolding in June 2016. My Master’s project addressed the creation of individuality within industrial production, aiming to create more personal and soulful objects and approach a more significant and human way of manufacturing. The project was developed in partnership with New Works. Its outcome, the Grasp boxes, Enfold bowls and Pleat pitchers, consists of three families of everyday objects that represent a rejection of the dominant aesthetic model based on uniformity and standardization that our material world has been subjected to during the last century.

In other words, these objects explore how to imbue industrially produced objects with the unique character that people have traditionally loved in hand-crafted pieces (traces of process, handprints of the maker, tool marks etc.), creating matchless products with a history and life. I developed my own production techniques and industrial tools that enable me to create unique outcomes through the same serial automated manufacturing. This generates more personal and meaningful objects with character and soul, which are capable of stimulating stronger emotional bonds with the user and enrich our everyday experiences.

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