Design for People

MA programme


Duration of studies
4 semesters (full-time study) or 8 semesters (Professional Master's) / 120 ECTS
Design School Kolding
Application deadline
1 May at 12 noon
Entrance examination
Semester start
September 2018

About the programme

Social inclusion has been a main priority for Design School Kolding for many years, and we focus a great deal of our teaching and our research and development activities on how to improve social conditions and create value. We regard design as a mediator for meaningful interaction between people, between people and new technology, and between people and the wider community. Based on a design oriented approach that promotes dialogue, the Programme applies diverse design methodologies with a strong focus on users. This approach enables you to create new products, services and systems that are profitable and enhance human interaction and foster meaningful societal relations.


  • User Studies and Experience 
  • Interaction Design 
  • Service Design 
  • Organisational Culture
  • Human technology

Apply now

Design School Kolding welcomes all talented and motivated students to our Master’s Degree Programme. So if you hold a relevant degree (BA or equivalent), be sure to apply before the deadline 1 May.

Selected MA projects

Design for People reinforces and challenges the fields of industrial design, fashion design, textile design, accessory design and communication design and enables you to immerse yourself in the cross-disciplinary specialisation.

We have selected a few of our MA projects, which reflect the academic breadth and depth of the programme.

Udvalgte kandidatprojekter

Workshops at Design School Kolding

Design School Kolding's workshops allow you to work with materials and manufacturing of prototypes and provide a space for you to constantly develop your talent in relation to your speciality.

Workshops at Design Shool Kolding



For questions regarding admission, please contact Karina Sørensen and Ester Fuchs.
For questions regarding collaboration, please contact Eva Kappel.

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