Automatism by Anne Kirstine Kromand Krogh



Anne Kirstine Kromand Krogh
Projekt type
MA Project
Øjesten, Kolding (Optician)
Martin Højer Kristensen (Goldsmith)
Gabriel A/S (Textiles)
Kvadrat Textiles (Textiles)

The Project

Being inspired by coincidence and the unconscious I found it relevant to look into dadaism and surrealism. In Dadaism things are not supposed to make sense and the coincidence elements are used as an unpersonal creative power. Dadaism is all about rejecting logic and embracing chaos and irrationality. In surrealism the goal is to unite the conscious life with the unconscious. To link reality and dream. The unconscious as a source of inspiration is central to the nature of surrealism.
During my project I will allow the unconscious to express itself by having my creative process controlled by experiments. In surrealism there are numerous automatism techniques and games to free the mind: I will in my project investigate the different techniques, and make them decide the direction of my project. I will use the different techniques to liberate the imagination.