Meet Mairi-Claire MacDonald

Meet a Design for Play student

NAME: Mairi-Claire MacDonald
AGE: 24
EDUCATION: Design for Play, Smart Textiles

Use five words to describe the Design for Play programme
Innovative, insightful, inventive, inclusive, influential.

Why did you choose this particular MA programme?
During my bachelors studies focusing on smart textiles, I developed a passion for user interactions and experiences which involved a playful element. The program is completely unique to other courses offered around the world which I knew would attract the attention of international designers and institutes for exclusive collaborations.

What has been your biggest learning experience in the programme so far?
For the past weeks I have been working on a quality project for Milan Design Week which has further heightened my understanding of industry and professional practices. As we are working in teams it has been incredibly insightful to work alongside international students who have a multitude of backgrounds from industrial designers to ceramic artists.

Where and how do you think that you and other play designers will be able to make a difference?
Play is often associated with children and childhood but in our modern and fast-paced lives it is important to understand the use for play as an adult. Play is a mindful, meaningful and creative tool that can be adopted not only into our personal lives but into the work place to provide unique solutions to difficult issues.

What would be your ideal job and what impact do you want to make in the world?
After my masters education I hope to work within service design or consultancy to spread the message of the importance of play and how it can enhance our education, work and lives in general. A project that I have worked on for the past year has focused on how textiles, technology and play can enhance the lives of dementia patients and I hope to explore this field further. I believe that play is a state of mind which can enhance and change lives.

If you were to recommend Design School Kolding to a friend, what would you say? What are its strong suits and how does it distinguish itself from other schools?
Design School Kolding provides an exceptional platform for the program, blending creative freedom with resourcefulness and professionality to provide a comprehensive education.